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Welcome to Heartland Australian Terriers

3/7/23 - We have a puppy available!  Please visit our "Puppies!" page for details

We breed, show, and love Australian Terriers. Our dogs and puppies are great family companions. We have finished and bred several champions since we began showing in 2012. In 2013 I purchased my girl Scarlet, who became my foundation.

Once you have discovered this wonderful breed, the Australian Terrier, and have decided it is the right fit for your family, they are not always easy to find. The breed is now considered rare and their numbers are dwindling. It’s important that preservation breeders like myself promote and stay active in showing and breeding for our next generation.

My mentor in the USA stopped docking in 2011 and my foundation girl came with her natural tail. I have never docked a litter and will not. While I believe in the breeders option to do so, I strongly support natural tails. The standard for our breed includes both docked or natural.

We began breeding Australian Terriers in 2016 and are very proud to be breeding healthy, sound tempered Australian Terriers in Oklahoma!

Heartland Australian Terriers because we are in America’s “Heartland".