Heartland Australian Terriers


About Us

Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, dogs have always been a part of my life. My father kept and raised English Pointers for hunting and my mother had Schnauzers. I learned early that I had allergies to the Pointers, and that is why I have kept “hypo-allergenic” breeds ever since.

In 2011, our family Schnauzer, Buddy, passed away at 15 years old, and thus began our family's search for a a new companion. I never would have imagined the road that search would put me on. We love the schnauzers, but I was interested in looking at other hypo-allergenic breeds. We didn't have the room for a large dog that would require a lot of exercise room, but I wasn't interested in smaller breeds like poodles, or Bichons Frises. I really wanted a dog with the temperament of a large breed, but contained in a small package.

That is when we found the Australian Terrier, the best breed you've probably never heard of. After educating myself on the breed to make sure this is what I wanted, I began to search for a puppy. This was where things got a little tough. There were no breeders anywhere near us. I certainly didn't want to get a puppy without seeing where he would come from. I finally found a pup in the Texas area, so we took a road trip. We came home with Boomer.

Boomer blew us away. Smart, fearless, fiercely loyal, and top of his obedience class. Everywhere we went, he made new friends, but nobody knew what he was. I would hear “Is that a Yorkie?” all the time. Once I was even asked “Is that an Airedale puppy?” I began to wonder how it could be that this great breed was so unknown. Research time. What I found was that very few Australian terriers were being registered with the AKC. The numbers could be measured in the low hundreds. Popular breeds were being registered by the tens of thousands. Over-popularity is not good, but with numbers as low as I was seeing for Aussies, I was immediately concerned about the future of the breed. I felt I needed to get involved. I hope someday to find others like myself to help in the breed as this trend continues to be a problem.

I'll leave out the details of what it took for me to get as far as I have. Finding anyone who had healthy puppies that would consider letting me start breeding was very difficult. But I have been lucky to find a few very good friends that were willing to let me see where I could go with this. My foundation bitch GCH Dunham Lake I Don’t Give a Damn “Scarlet” started my breeding program. A special thank you to Theresa Goiffon and her family. Since that time we have bred 3 of our own AKC Champion/Grand Champions. I enjoy participating in dog shows around the country when time allows, catching up with good friends and making new ones. My dogs are and will always be my companions, but showing them is valuable as well.

I have bred 5 litters to date, all beautiful, healthy, great temperament and happy families. I never see myself having a large breeding program. Doing it right requires a lot of work and devotion.

I do not ship my puppies and I keep them until they are 12 weeks old.

Thanks for reading!